Valentines Day Treats For Kids

Valentines Day Treats For Kids

Treat the sweetheart in your life to some Valentines Day treats for kids!

Valentine’s Day is only a week away! To get your children in the sweetheart spirit, here are some Valentines Day treats for kids that they’ll love.


To start Valentine’s Day on a lovely note, how about a sweet breakfast? These Hugs and Kisses paxo_pancakes_04_012611ncakes are fun to make AND eat. Your child can help mix the batter in their very own bowl, and they will definitely have fun playing with the Xs and Os during breakfast. Here’s the one time playing with their food is okay! Find the recipe at Cookingwithmykid.


A snack perfect for kids and babies, this Valentines Apple Chips and Dip is the perfect mid-day treat.apple_chips_02_0202111 Also found at Cookingwithmykid, this recipe is so easy and nutritious! Simply slice some apples crosswise into 1/4 inch wide slices. The core of the apple should be in the center of the slices. Place slices flat on a cutting board and using a small heart shaped cookie cutter, cut hearts out of the apple slices. Place yogurt in a small bowl and serve with apple slices. To make the treat extra nice, use strawberry yogurt! Kids will much this down, and babies will love to lick off the yogurt on their small and safe apple chips!


For a creative dinner that the whole family can enjoy, these Heart Shaped Personal Pizzas are just the Four Heart Shaped Pizzas reducedmeal! All it takes is pizza dough (that can be bought from the store) some sauce (I like to use Prego) and any toppings you or your kids might like! The dough can easily be shaped into a heart, and voila! Now each of your children gets their own cooking station, where they can place whatever toppings you provide for them onto their pizza. From pepperoni, peppers, tomatoes, and even mozzarella cheese (all heart shaped, of course), your children can really put their hearts into their meal. Check out more recipes at Onceuponacuttingboard.


After a busy Valentine’s day, this desert is simple and delicious. Why not try some Valentine’s Day OreoOreo-Pops-Doily-Header Pops? According to, just line a large baking sheet with wax paper and set aside, melt some chocolate in a large, wide heatproof bowl in the microwave until totally smooth, and gently dip an Oreo into the chocolate, coating it completely. Place the oreo on the wax paper and gently wedge a popsicle stick between the cookies. Place a cookie cutter on the cookie and scatter the sprinkles inside to fill out the heart shape. Repeat this with remaining cookies. Chill the cookie sheet for two hours, and they’re ready to go! Set this up before dinner, and your kids will be so excited for desert!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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