Some Of Our Favorite Baby Animal Toys!

Some Of Our Favorite Baby Animal Toys!

No Child Should Go Without An Animal Companion. Check Out These Baby Animal Toys Today!

Do you remember your first animal companion? A teddy bear? Or maybe it was a monkey?! Every child treasures their first toy animal companion, and that’s why these baby animal toys are the perfect gift! The little one in your life will love these animals, and they’re a great gift for the holidays!

An elephant never forgets, and your baby will never forget the fun time they have, either! Ekko the elephant makes a great baby gift.ekko the elephant

There’s a trunkful of fun in this endearing ekko the elephant rattle lovie, ready to take baby on a jungle adventure! Soft, sweet and touchingly engaging with textures and sounds,like a squeezable crinkle leaf, smooth satin trim and a rattle, Ekko is a gregarious, gray lovie that always gets loved right back! This elephant comes with a plush, beautifully detailed gray lovie with an elephant’s head and trunk, front legs holding a sound-making, and a green crinkle leaf and tail on the back.


Other features include baby-safe embroidered eyes, cream-colored satin trim, a decorative leaf appliqué and embroidered accents along the bottom of the lovie. The polyester lovie can be surface-washed and treasured for years!

Or maybe you’d like to share some of your past with your baby! Here’s the nostalgic sock monkey in the flesh.  Enjoyed for 100 years, this handcrafted folk toy is an American classic.  It’s just perfect for your nostalgic sock monkeyretro baby.  We have a huge selection of unique baby gifts!  We also have this classic sock monkey in pink and purple for a unique twist.  No matter what, this makes a great addition to any baby gift!  This is a classic toy that kids will love for years to come!



Finally, meet Howdy, the adorable and bouncy rubber cow! Howdy has extra long, easy-to-grasp ears to hone your child’s balance and Bouncy Rubber Cowcoordination. This is the perfect gift for endless fun and physical development. Comes in bright, fun colors that any child will love!  The howdy cow was designed to provide your little one hours of ride on bouncy fun.  The bouncy howdy cow will aid in developing your child’s physical abilities while having a great time! This bouncy rubber cow is made of safe, strong, soft, latex and phthalate free vinyl, and is recommended for kids ages 3 years and up. C’mon! Let’s get mooooooving!


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