Classic Pink Tricycle


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  • Steel frame, spoked wheels, and rubber tires for durability
  • Adjustable seat grows with your child
  • Controlled turning radius prevents tipping
  • Classically styled with chrome handlebars, streamers, and ringing chrome bell
  • 12” front wheel. For 2 1/2 – 5 years

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Classic Pink Trike.

Steel frame, spoked wheels, and rubber tires for durability

Adjustable seat grows with your child

Controlled turning radius prevents tipping

Classically styled with chrome handlebars, streamers, and ringing chrome bell

12” front wheel. For 2 1/2 – 5 years

10 reviews for Classic Pink Tricycle

  1. KandieDS

    I was excited to receive my purchase all week because it’s my daughter’s birthday gift. Well, it arrive and I can not wait for my daughter to test out her tricycle. Along with my order of this tricycle, I also purchase a schwinn helmet and basket. In the other hand, the product was easy to assemble. I didn’t do the assembling, but my husband says that it’s a peace of cake to put together. You must have the require tools to put together the tricycle. It took about 30minutes or less to assemble. I too recommend screwing on the bell (handle side) out and away from where the child sits because 1) it’s a little easy for my daughter to push the handle 2) she won’t nug her forhead or head on the handle.I think that in the future, I will use a padding or something soft for the seat. Other than that, it’s a great trike. My daughter loves climbing from the back of the steps to sit on the seat. She also loves the bell. I can’t wait for the summer, when she’ll be able to use her trike often at the park.I recommend this tricycle to anyone who wants a bike that I too, hope will last for some good years. For someone who has young children or many young children to push or carry on the trike, plus the seat has two settings to adjust with your child(ren) grows.

  2. J. Mendez

    I purchased this tricycle for my daughters 3rd birthday. Her father had originally purchased a small bike with training wheels of which she could never pedal and would often loose her balance on. So I bought this tricycle with the hope that she would have a better chance of learning how to pedal with a lower level ‘bike’. I was not disappointed! The tricycle is very sturdy it does not wobble like her other bike, it has an adjustable seat which we lowered to the very bottom, and the it has a little bell. My daughter was able to ride around on it immediately and we were even able to walk around the neighbor that same day. You can tell that this tricycle will last a long time, I remember having one of these as a kid as well. I’m glad my daughter can share that same great experience!** I also purchased a little basket for the bike so that my daughter could place her baby doll in.Pros:Lovely light pink colorWell made and sturdyBell works fineIt has an adjustable seatCons:Your child will not want to get off of it 🙂

  3. Greeneyes2u

    This tricycle is absolutely one of a kind and perfect for my great granddaughter. She loves it and it is well made to last a lifetime. She especially loves the little bell on the handlebars. The sellers are dedicated to providing the perfect product and go above and beyond to insure the customer is happy. I couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase from start to finish.

  4. EagleRock Dude

    I bought this for my 2 1/2 year old girl. First of all its beautiful. I had purchased another brand last year that was mostly plastic and had plastic wheels. She just could not ride it that well(she only took an interest lately).My theory was it was the wheels slipping and the whole thing in general just being wobbly. I want a trike like they used to have in the old days with rubber wheels. These days all you seem to get is plastic everything where the point seems to be to reduce cost or…well I don’t know what the point is.Anyway..this trike besides being all daughter can ride it way better than the other one(which actually cost more). We gave that one away to a friend. But I actually felt a little odd that because now that little girl will be stuck with the plastic trike too!This is a great trike. I have the seat and bar at the lowest setting and it looks like she will be able to ride it for years. It will last that long too. Just what I was looking for. An old school trike.

  5. DD83

    i was going to buy this for my 2 year old (who’s favorite word is “tricycle”) at orchelin farm suply, but when i got there i found that they only had it in red AND it was priced about $20.00 more than i remember it being priced.i looked on Amazon and quickly found the right tricycle (this one) priced much lower than i expected ($42.00 instead of $69.00) with free shipping.we got it quickly in a reasonable box, put it together and on christmas eve we rolled it out with a big red bow, my daughter never wants to get off the thing now, lol.great price, great product. VERY well built. it is going to last her un til she is ready for a big kid bike.

  6. Duane A. Priest

    I bought this as a birthday present for my niece who is turning two, but is somewhat large for her age. She still will need a couple of months to be able to fully pedal the wheels, but she already is fascinated by and loves her “bike.” I also purchased a cute pink helmet to match the bike, just in case. The tricycle is much as I remember the trikes of my youth, 50 years ago. Only the pedals are plastic, all of the structural components are metal, which means that this will last. Assembly was very simple and took only a few minutes, and the instructions were quite easy to follow. I looked at the plastic versions, but found them to be as or more expensive than this metal version. Since I’ve made a practice of buying gifts for her that reflect earlier eras, this was a perfect choice for her.

  7. dom

    This was an awesome deal.When it arrived the toddler helped me unbox it and she kept taking the screw driver to try and build it. She had fun playing with the parts not really sure what was getting built. when it was complete she was very excited and loves it. I did not mount the bell as seen in this picture as that setup creates a situation where a kids head will get speared by the bell. I mounted the bell pointing forward. The same position shown in the picture with it twisted directly forward so the lever is on top. It may be harder to ring the bell but that is a MINOR problem compared so an eyeball being gouged out or teeth smashed.

  8. Nathan Langenfeld

    This is a great quality tricycle. I love the retro look. We bought this for my daughter 3 yrs ago when she turned 3. It was a little big for her and hard for her to reach the peddles. So we would have to pusher her. She will now be 6 and still drives around on it. She loves it. It’s made of great quality. It is in the same condition as it was 3 yrs ago even after all the use it has gotten. I would highly recommend.

  9. JO ANN

    I purchased this for my 2 year old granddaughter and it is perfect. I put it together with no difficulty and no help from the hubby… It is all metal, no plastic. It is very sturdy and the pink and white is just too cute. This tricycle reminded me of tricycles from long ago. My granddaughter loves it!!!

  10. kadcock

    Bought this tricycle for my 2 yr. old granddaughter for Christmas! She loved it but is a little to short to peddle right now, but will grow into it! She loved it and was able to get on it by herself and her NanNan could push her around! She also loved that it had a bell on it! Cute, sturdy and easy to assemble.

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