Mom’s Name Charm Necklace in US Weekly!

Personalized Mom Necklace – Mother’s Day is May 9, 2010!

Personalized necklaces make a great gift for moms and grandmothers alike. Much of the jewelry that is personalized features a child’s name and or birth date which is inscribed on to silver or gold charms. The charms delicately hang by a chain and show the world who is dear to her heart.

Charms and Birthstones
If you are looking for the perfect gift for Mom, there are many exquisite pieces out there. Many common necklaces show round charms, but there are also some oval, square and bar or tag type charms available. Depending on how many names will be engraved, some shapes work better than others. Some pendants have a simple birthstone accent which is embedded right into the pendant itself. Some birthstones hang delicately next to the charms or they are attached above or below the charm. A simple pearl accent can also be used to highlight a charm necklace.

Lettering Style
To engrave the pendant, the designer may inscribe the name by hand, which gives an organic feel to the necklace. Another way for the name to be applied to the pendant is by hand stamping. Hand stamping allows the designer to use different lettering styles. The use of block, or lower case cursive can be used in a variety of fonts.

Many chain styles are available with a personalized Mom’s name charm necklace. A popular style chain is the ball chain. This chain style works well for a silver name charm necklace with tags or round discs. It has a casual feel and a simple, versatile look. There are also loop style chains that give the necklace a more elegant feel.

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