Let Your Kids Enjoy The Weather With Our Trikes!

Let Your Kids Enjoy The Weather With Our Trikes!

Celebrate the End of Winter With Our Adorable Kids Trikes!

It’s finally spring again! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to get moving! It’s time to enjoy this beautiful weather. Break out the shorts and sundresses, and have some fun with our amazing kids tricycles. Similar the trikes of the past, these beautiful 1936 classic tricycle replicas are a collectible for years to come. With the original Sky King trikes selling for over $3000, these great looking trikes are now affordable for the whole family and the future collectors of the replicas.

Like our Pink Sky Princess Tricycle For Girls! Made of high quality steel and identical in every way to the Sky King of old, this sky princess tricycletricycle is 26″ high, with a Beautiful Pink Powder Coat and Chrome insignia. With its very own working light and reflectors, your child will be ready to hit the road with style. Now that’s one way to celebrate the spring!




Or, for your tinier tike, this Jr. Pink Sky Princess Tricycle for Girls is the perfect tricycle to take for a spin. With the same qualitiesJr. Princess Tricycle for Girls of the regular Pink Sky Tricycle, such as rubber hand grips, solid rubber tires and a solid ball bearing, this 22″ tall trike is perfect for your little driver. I can’t imagine a better trike to teach your child how to ride for the first time.



Finally, maybe your child wants to look like they’re flying in the big blue sky with this blue 1936 sky king tricycle for kids. The Blue 1936 Sky King Tricycle for kidssteel material, adjustable spring seat, and style are the perfect combination for a fun ride. Let’s get ready to rock and roll!




All tricycles are Toy Safety Approved and are led free! Recommended for a child from ages three to six, but the perfect toy to pass down for generations. Enjoy the wonderful weather.

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