Kid Friendly Table Settings For Thanksgiving!

Kid Friendly Table Settings For Thanksgiving!

Add Some Fun to the Celebration of Fall and Family With These Kid Friendly Table Settings

Thanksgiving always means an amazing dinner with family and close friends. Both you and your children should enjoy this wonderful holiday. With a fun kids’ table, you child can have their own celebration for fall and family, with plenty of room for fun. Check out some kid friendly table settings today!

Tablecloth…or should we say “Tablepaper?” One great way to keep the kids entertained is with a tablecloth made out of brown craft paper. With a cup of crayons for each side of the table, who knows what the little ones might create? While the parents enjoy friendship and conversation, the children will be focused on their drawings and doodles. The paper tablecloth has plenty of perks, such as a painless clean-up and never having to risk spilled apple juice runining a real tablecloth. And who knows? Maybe your friends and family can bring home a new drawing?

Simple Centerpieces. Obviously, it’s important that the kids’ table is kid-friendly, meaning safety and smaller tables and chairs. But thanksgiving pic1that doesn’t mean that it should look any less festive! Create some small centerpieces, like this arrangement of tiny pumpkins and fall leaves. Fill the pumpkin tissue paper with small treats, and let the children take them home if they behave (and if their parents approve, of course). The small size of simple centerpieces helps the teeny tiny children see each other, too!




Add some Thanksgiving thanks. Why not keep the children entertained, and keep the meaning of Thanksgiving on their minds athanksgiving pic2s well? On some colorful, feather-shaped paper, ask your children what they are grateful for this year. Either you, or the older children, can write down their thoughts, and stick the feathers into their very own Thanksgiving turkey. They can even help create the face beforehand! What a great way to share some memories!

All children, younger and older, should enjoy the warmth and festivities of Thanksgiving. For those of you with children out of high-seats, we hope that these kid friendly table settings make your Thanksgiving dinner go from good to great!

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