Happy Halloween! Here Are Some Safety Tips For Your Baby.

Happy Halloween! Here Are Some Safety Tips For Your Baby.

Boo! We Have A Few Safety Tips For You And Your Little Monster For Halloween!

Well, tonight is officially Halloween. This can be the start of a wonderful tradition of ghost, goblins and goodies with your child. Just because you’re supposed to look spooky, though, doesn’t mean that tonight hast to be spooky! Here are just a couple of small safety tips to ensure a safe and silly Halloween!

1. Costume Safety: We know that you’re baby is going to look just adorable this Halloween, but they should always be safe, as well. If your child’s outfit comes with a mask, opt for some non-toxic makeup instead. Masks can be a breathing hazard, and they can make it hard to find your child. Also, reflective tape is a great way to make your child easy to find after dark. Make sure their costumes are not flammable or long enough for your little one to trip on. Maybe even switch the pointed parts of a costume with soft, felt tips!

2. Trick Or Treat Time: Weather your child is in a stroller or by your side, safety is always the number one concern. If your scheduling allows it, maybe start your trick or treat adventures while there is still light outside. Always start trick or treating with your friendly neighbors who you know will be handing out candy. If your child is older, hand them a flashlight.

3. Candy: Every child remembers the best part of Halloween–the candy! Sitting around with friends, trading sours for sweets–who doesn’t love it!? Parents, however, should always take a good look at the candy before they feast. Only accept homemade Halloween treats from well-known neighbors. Examine the packaging for tampering; if something looks amiss, it’s always best to make sure.

From all of us at My Retro Baby, we hope you enjoy a safe and spooky Halloween! Boooooooo!

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