Fun Fall Crafts Your Child Will Love!

Fun Fall Crafts Your Child Will Love!

Here are some safe and seasonal craft ideas for you and your baby!

Looking for a way to commemorate the season? Why not try some of these enjoyable craft activities with your baby. Share AND save some fun memories. Who doesn’t love the fall!

Like this adorable turkey painting?? What a fun Thanksgiving decoration! Simply Take two brown circles, some googly eyes, andturkey lots of paint, and get ready for some fun! Your little one can have a great time creating the turkey’s feathers with their painted footprints, AND you can save the painting as a keepsake, to remember your child’s itty bitty feet when they grow up! Gobble Gobble!



Or how about bringing nature inside? Let’s get creative with some fun fall leaf art! After a fun walk outside, you and your child crafty crowcan gather the leaves you each collected, and create any kind of portrait that you want! Watch your child’s imagination come to life as they create crows, owls, or even foxes with their leaves! Glue on some googly eyes, and you’ve got yourself the perfect animal art design. Your child’s an artist! Check out more animal leaf designs at The Crafty Crow!




Want to share in the joy of pumpkins and Halloween with your child, but keep them safe from the sharp carving tools and messy baby pumpkinseeds, too? How about you give them a pumpkin of their very own to keep? Create a pumpkin that will last for much longer than the natural ones, and let their style show! Use any paper plate in your home, and your child can color the pumpkin any color they want! Maybe orange, green, or purple! Your child might create the first zebra striped pumpkin! Add on a cardboard stump and some fake leaves, and your child can proudly show off their pumpkin for as long as they want!



Enjoy the season, and don’t forget to make lots of memories!

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