Who Needs The Cold When We’ve Got Baby Indoor Activities!

Who Needs The Cold When We’ve Got Baby Indoor Activities!?

Brrrr!! Now that the holidays are over, it’s hard to enjoy the long-lasting cold of winter. Here are some fun baby indoor activities to beat the winter blues.

Puppet Show

Beat the boredom away with a puppet show for you and your kids. Using creativity and imagination, this sock-puppets1activity can really turn a dull night into an event. Take some worn down socks, attach some string and googly eyes, and bam! You’ve got your very own puppets. Let your older children create their own puppets, and they can help perform with you for your baby. Creating stories and memories at the same time is a great way to spend a chilly day!

Hot Chocolate Party

Yum! Nothing warms up a cold winter’s day like a cup of hot coca. Why not make an event out of it. Gatherboy-girl-drinking-hot-chocolate-17304579 different kinds of hot chocolate mixes, whip creams, sprinkles, you name it! Your kids can design their very own hot chocolate creation, and they can create a whole competition out of it. How fun!


Baby Obstacle Course

Just because it is cold outside, doesn’t playtime’s over. Create a fun baby obstacle course for your little one, and watch as they learn and exercise all day. Use small chairs, couch cushions, and cups to create a tiny and terrific obstacle course for your baby .Watch as they use their brain to crawl, or hone their walking skills to finish the course. Your older children can help set up the course’s design. What fun!

Pillow Fort

After a crazy day of fun baby indoor activities, nothing sounds like more fun than a pillow fort. Take those couch cushions, a few blankets and boxes, and enjoy your very own hideaway from the cold winter. A night of movies and snuggles will keep any snowy day nice and warm.


Finally, enjoy a fun night in the kitchen with your kids! Who cares about the cold outside when you can make a delicious meal with your child. Place them on a step stool to watch as you go through a fun and healthy recipe together. They can use their senses to figure out the fun smells and taste of food. Now that sounds like a fun evening. Stay warm!

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