Top Mom Fashion Trends!

Top Mom Fashion Trends!

Just because you’re a mom, doesn’t mean every day can’t be full of fashion. Here are our top mom fashion trends. From formal to casual, there is a look for every mom!

Katie Holmes rocks the streets in this coat. A long coat with a belt can be thrown on any time, and it’s a perfect way to look cool in the winter. Use the belt to accentuate your waistline, and you and your child will look as cool as Katie and Suri!



Nicole Richie has always been one step ahead in fashion. Now, as a mom, Nicole rocks the everyday look with her child. Wearing a comfy beanie, Miss Richie looks ready to go! It’s a fun accessory that any mom can rock.




Both Liv Tyler and Jessica Alba rock the stripped look. A casual pattern, stripes fit any look and, as Liv and Jessica show, they come in different complementary styles for any body type. Also, they aren’t an overly feminine look, so moms can wear stripes with their kids, just like Liv and her son Milo!

liv stripes jessica stripes


For every mom, remember that celebrity fashion isn’t out of reach.

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