Our Kiss Me I’m Irish Onesie and Other Saint Patrick’s Day Outfits!

Our Kiss Me I’m Irish Onesie and Other Saint Patrick’s Day Outfits!

What better way to put your baby in the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit than with our Kiss Me I’m Irish Onesie? And here are a few other items to admire!

Our Kiss Me I’m Irish Onesie is just so cute that we thought that we’d share some more adorable emerald outfits with all of you.

Honestly, though, this Kiss Me I’m Irish Onesie is just so adorable. It’s one way to make your child the Kiss Me I'm Irish Onesiecutest leprechaun on the Isle. Made with 100% organic cotton, this simple and stylish organic onesie will keep your baby cosy and their skin safe from harmful irritation for a full day of fun. Plus, the easy snaps and the light material are perfect for your baby’s busy holiday (not to mention those pesky diaper changes). Finally, the artfully placed shamrock will just be more incentive for your family and friends to give your baby lots of kisses! Set your child’s style for life, and treat your baby to a fun holiday outfit! This is one of my favorite onesies, because it’s so simple and comfy, but here are a few more that we found. Maybe they’ll make your baby’s day, too!

Like this adorable Saint Patrick’s Day hat! Photographed by Loni Smith, this hat makes just the cutest baby irish hattouch to the adorable sleeping baby. It looks like the soft crochet keeps the baby nice and warm, while still looking its best. What a sweet accessory for our very own leprechaun!





But what if your toddler wants to celebrate Saint Paddy’s Day with a little more style? We stumbled lilly bow peep outfitacross this Saint Patrick’s Day Clover Girl outfit on Etsy and fell in love. The headband and leggings match so well, and who doesn’t love a little lass in frills? We are impressed with the Lilly Bow Peep page on etsy, since any girl would strut their Irish stuff in this outfit!




Finally, why not go all out?? This father and son costume set on HelloLucky just makes us smile. This really awesome saint paddy costuemleprechaun has finally found his pot of gold. And doesn’t the baby just look precious? Though it looks intricate, the costume probably makes a great cover for the father’s baby carrier. How thoughtful!

All of these outfits made our day, and we hope our Irish onesie will do the same for your little one. Have a great day!

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