Fathers Day Ideas

Are you looking for Fathers Day Ideas?  Are you tired of giving a tie to your dad every year for his Fathers Day Gift?  How many pairs of underwear and socks does a dad need?  Maybe its time to start thinking outside of the box.  Fathers can be hard to buy for so we are going to give you some great Fathers Day Ideas so that you can get him the Perfect Fathers Day Gift thats unique and special!  Every man is different but personalized jewelry for Dads is a great way to tell your dad how much you love him.

One of our best Fathers Day Ideas is a keychain.  If you are not sure if your Dad will wear jewelry get him a personalized keychain with kids names for the ultimate Fathers Day Gift. Our personalized keychainsare made of the finest sterling silver and it makes the perfect gift since every dad has keys.

dad key chain

dad key chain


Other Fathers Day Ideas include personalized bracelets for Dad with kids names! This sterling silver bracelet is simple yet classic and it will be one of his most treasured fathers day gifts. Kids names can be personalized on the inside of the bracelet for a more subtle look or I prefer to have the names personalized on the outside of the sterling silver bracelet for men. The bracelets for men can be personalized with up to 4 names or 5 names depending on the length of the names.  There are also several fonts available but the one we have shown in the picture is the most classic font.

Personalized bracelet for men FlatCuff-1-150x150


The other mens personalized bracelet for dad is called a cuff bracelet and is much thinner but is also made of the finest .925 sterling silver and makes a great fathers day gift! It is shown with the names engraved on the inside of the bracelet and can normally hold up to 7 kids names.

personalized mens_cuff_bracelet_

Other great Fathers Day Ideas include cuff links.  These cuff links can be personalized with initials or kids names and make great Fathers Day Gifts, Groomsmen Gifts, or just a special gift for your husband that he will treasure for a lifetime.

personalized cufflinks for men CuffLinkInitial-2T-90x90

We also offer mens personalized rings and personalized tag necklaces for dads.  The tag necklaces we have come in a few different styes and some are classic dog tags and others are more understated.  Here are some of the most popular styles with offer for mens personalized jewelry with kids names!


mens ring

dog tags for men


What also makes all of these personalized gifts great Fathers Day Ideas is that not only will they last a lifetime but are often passed on from generation to generation! Dads do so much for us ~ isn’t it time we give them something to show them how much they mean to us? Lets be honest, a tie isn’t that great of a gift!


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