Baby Memory Books–Wonderful Gifts and Keepsakes

Baby Memory Books–Wonderful Gifts and Keepsakes

Looking for a way to share memories and laughs with your child? Our baby memory books offer a classic and creative way to cherish your child as they grow.

Our Trains baby memory book puts your child in the conductor seat. Twelve pages of storyline take your new baby from birth trains baby memory bookthrough first birthday in a fantasy world of railroad cars and signals that are all his pals. Every page is an opportunity to create a trains-lover memory that is part fantasy, part reality. Fun to make, fun to read, our Trains Memory Book offers a unique combination of fiction and fact, interweaving your story of your own baby with a made-up, colorful railroad world.




Your little cowgirl was born with equal portions sass and savvy, and this is the perfect baby memory book for her. The Cowgirl baby cowgirl baby memory bookmemory book tells a story of boots, ponies and pink bandanas into which you are invited to weave your baby’s photos and memories. Play along and have fun! This baby book is enjoyable to make, open-ended, inspiring and thoroughly western cowgirl. You’ll love putting it together and reading it too, and your cowboy-booted little girl will love reading back over the Western story in which she is the star. Little Cowgirl storyline begins at birth through continues through first birthday. Cowgirl hat and horse design assure this baby memory book will never get lost on the shelf.



Titled, “My Life as a Fairy Baby,” this book looks like so much fun! In this Fairies baby memory book, we create a fairy fantasy fairies baby memory bookworld, page by page, beginning at birth and ending at first birthday, and you are invited to weave your own baby’s pictures and personality in. Playful pixies, beautiful fairy princess and fun-loving fairy children are among the characters that frolic in this imaginary world. Our baby keepsake books are fun to fill out, enjoyable to read for parents and children alike. With their colorful spine and playful content you’ll find yourself pulling them off the shelf to enjoy over and over.



Each book includes 10 photo pages that hold 4×6 photos, 12 storyline pages (from birth to first birthday), library-style book plate, a beautiful canvas cover, and an expandable format that allows you to add even more information! These usually ship within 5-7 business days, so order now!


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